PERFORMANCES 1999 - 2000 - 2001





May 16 - In 2001, GOETMALS WOOD comes back in Prix des Ducs de Normandie (Gr.2), taking the 7th place.

August 8 - GOETMALS WOOD (1' 15" 5 - 3 000 m) perfectly negociates his handicap of 50 meters against the front horses, beating the excellent Gebrazac (2 975 m) in Grand Prix Henri Desmontils at Saint-Malo (Gr.3 - 8th Trial Grand National du Trot).

July 30 - GOETMALS WOOD (2 900 m) is 6th to Jackhammer (2 875 m) in Prix d'Europe (Gr.2), at Enghien.

July 9 - GOETMALS WOOD is placed again! This time, at Enghien, in the Prix de Washington (Gr.2), he is second to the very fast Gisella du Gîte. And the "G's" keep on their incredible domination.

June 18 - GOETMALS WOOD confirms his former performance, behind an incredible Général du Pommeau (1' 11" 3) and First de Retz in Prix René Ballière (Gr.1).

June 10 - Placed 5th behind the autostart, then always well placed in a race run at a terrific pace, GOETMALS WOOD (1' 12" 4) ends brilliantly a very nice course, as a third to Fan Idole (1' 12" 2) and Varenne in the First Race of the World Cup 2000 at Vincennes.


1st Trial World Cup 2000 - Vincennes 2 100 m
Picture APRH


May 17th - GOETMALS WOOD loves Prix des Ducs de Normandie (Gr.2). Winner in 99, he is beaten at the end, this year, by the European champion Giesolo de Lou and particularly defeats GANYMEDE and Euro Ringeat. He had the number 5 behind the car. Finally!

April 30th - Disqualified in the first turn in Prix de l'Atlantique (Gr.1), GOETMALS WOOD is fifth in Critérium de Basse-Normandie (Gr.3 - Gisella du Gîte). The number one (again!) behind the autostart is definitely disadvantageous for him.

February 27th - Prix de l'Union Européenne (Gr.3). Ending his winter with a fifth place to Remington Crown, GOETMALS WOOD has been the only horse, placed in the four main international events of Paris - Vincennes 1999 - 2000.

February 20 - Prix de Paris, GOETMALS WOOD is third to an impressive Galopin du Ravary. Giant Cat is second.

February 6th - Prix de France, GOETMALS WOOD is fourth to Giant Cat, Remington Crown and Moni Maker, beating at the end a pale Général du Pommeau.

January 30 - Prix d'Amérique, GOETMALS WOOD, 1' 13" 7, is 6th of an all records race, ending his course three seconds behind a fantastic GENERAL DU POMMEAU.

November 20th - Prix de Bretagne, looking forward towards Prix d'Amérique, GOETMALS WOOD ends a nice race in a great style. 6th to Fiesta d'Anjou, his rank has no real meaning.

October 19th. - New encounter between the three great french 5 y-o's. GOETMALS WOOD is third to Général du Pommeau and Giant Cat in Championnat Européen des 5 ans (Gr.1), at Vincennes (2 100 m - autostart).

September 4th. - GOETMALS WOOD, still at his best : 1' 12" at Vincennes (2 200 m - GP - Départ volté)!. He beats the track record (départ volté), as a second to Isadora d'Ombrée in the Prix de l'Etoile (C.).

August 28th. - GOETMALS WOOD signs a great performance in the Critérium des 5 Ans (C. - 1' 13" 8 - 3 000 m). Marvellous second to Général du Pommeau (an amazing 1' 13" 6), he dominates a brilliant Giant Cat.

August 18 th. - GOETMALS WOOD is 3rd to Gai d'Hautmonière and Général du Pommeau in the Prix Jockey (Sc. - 1' 14" 9 - Vincennes - 2 175 m). Next race : Critérium des 5 Ans, August 28th.

August 8th. - GOETMALS WOOD is 2nd to Giesolo de Lou in the Prix de La Haye (International Gr.2 - 1' 15 - Enghien - 2 850 m).

June 20th. - GOETMALS WOOD beautifully finishes 4th to Général du Pommeau, Remington Crown and Elivagar in a magnificent Prix René Ballière (Gr.1).

May 25th. - Général du Pommeau' s revenge. GANYMEDE is 2nd and GOETMALS WOOD, 3rd in the Prix Chambon P (Gr.2).

May 16th. - Sensational GOETMALS WOOD ! Faster, tougher than Général du Pommeau in Prix des Ducs de Normandie (Gr.2) at Caen.

April 25th. - 2nd to Giesolo de Lou in the Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie (Int. - 1 609 m)

February 11th. - GOETMALS WOOD, 2nd to Général du Pommeau in Prix Roederer (Sc. - 2 100 m - autostart).

January 23rd. - Second win 1999 in a semi classic race for the son of AND ARIFANT : Prix Jean Le Gonidec (Sc.), 2 900 m - Great track.

January 10 th. of 1999 - A new semi classic win for GOETMALS WOOD : Prix de Croix (Sc.), 1' 15" 6 - 2 700 m - Great track.

November 14th. - First semi classic of the winter meeting at Vincennes, GOETMALS WOOD is second of the Prix Octave Douesnel (Sc.).

December 2nd. - GOETMALS WOOD, 5th (to the older horses Mr Quickstep and Remington Crown) of the Prix Marcel Laurent (Sc.).

December 27th. - GOETMALS WOOD, 2nd (to Giant Cat) of the Prix Ariste Hémard (Sc.), beating a son of BUVETIER D'AUNOU, Go Lucky and Général du Pommeau.

Former win in 1998 - Prix Phaëton (Sc.), as his brother EXTREME DREAM, also at 4.