Monday, August 20th


Prix Cénéri Forcinal (Scm.)


JARDY easily wins the Prix Cénéri Forcinal (Scm.) for the opening of the summer meeting
at Vincennes. Picture APRH


A ninth win for Jardy!


EVERYTHING, You Wanted to Know about JARDY !

Syndication, performances, nomination fee for 2002, pedigree



Prix Guy Le Gonidec (Sca.)


JAIN DE BEVAL. A first great champion by Coktail Jet!
Picture APRH


Jain de Béval proves, once again, that he loves the classic 2 700 meters of the Vincennes's Big Track.
Jain de Béval adds a sixth win to his honours list, defeating Jasmin de Flore (2 725 m).
His main success remains, of course, his tremendous win in the Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1), last december.

The future fights between the son of Coktail Jet and Jasmin de Flore could be sensational One day, Jardy could irritate them, as well as one or two promising horses, less precocious, that we might totally discover in the next six months. According to the traditional wealth of the French Trot Industry!

Time records : 1' 15 for "Jain" - 1' 14" 7 for "Jasmin".

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