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Owners' Mares

Alla Lira (2008), High Chaparral - Newsimplejoy (Marju). Features a foal, filly by Evasive. In foal to Pedro The Great in 2018.

Allegra Italica (2011), Dylan Thomas - Diva Cattiva (Lujain). A foal, colt by Style Vendôme. A yearling, colt by Elzaam. In foal to Pedro The Great in 2018.

Antalgique (2015), Rajsaman - Avera (Monsun)

Chieftess (2009), Mr Greeley - Cherokee (Storm Cat). A foal, filly by Myboycharlie. A yearling, filly by Makfi. In foal to Pedro The Great in 2018.

Cracker (2012), Smart Strike - Tottie (Fantastic Light). A foal, filly by Joshua Tree. In foal to Shalaa in 2018.

Dactilo (2009), Rock of Gibraltar - Jabirou (Slip Anchor). In foal to Ruler of the World in 2018.

Diva Divina (2006), Touch Gold - Happealing Greeley (Mr Greeley). A foal, colt by Style Vendôme. In foal to Goken in 2018.

Galaxie Sud (2008), El Prado - Germance (Silver Hawk). A foal, filly by Wootton Bassett.

Gallaecia (2009), Choisir - Miss Brooks (Bishop of Cashel). A foal, filly by Lucayan. A yearling, colt by Lucayan. In foal to Lucayan in 2018.

Giovanna d'Arco (2013), Zoffany - Non Piu Diva (Invincible Spirit). In foal to Shamalgan in 2018.

Jade (2001), Combsway - Mis Tostachos (Niobrara). In foal to Motivator in 2018.

Love On Top (2015), Planteur - Jade (Combsway). In foal to Ectot in 2018.

Suries Colombe (2015), Racinger - Notenwelt (Most Welcome). In foal to Spider Flight in 2018.

Valyeva (2008), Anabaa Blue - Vayeva (Kahyasi). A yearling, filly by Rajsaman. In foal to Goken in 2018.



Our mares

A Special Dream (2006), Tertullian - Alte Garde (Garde Royale). A foal, filly by Masked Marvel. A yearling, filly by Brave Mansonnien. In foal to Pastorius in 2018.

Dark Fudge (2006), Mull of Kintyre - Swiss Roll (Entrepreneur). New purchase. Half-sister to Tiger Roll, 2018 Grand National winner.

Lichtspiel (2010), Areion - Lolli Pop (Cagliostro). Foal, colt by Masked Marvel. In foal to Masked Marvel in 2018.

Penjing (2016), Olympic Glory - Princess Cheri (Mondrian)

Princess Cheri (2000), Mondrian - Princess Liberté (Nebos). Foal, colt by Rajsaman. Yearling, filly by Wootton Bassett.

Purple Sensation (2008), Slickly - Purple Prose (Law Society). Foal, filly by Evasive. Yearling, filly by Doctor Dino. In foal to Goken in 2018.

Reauville (2010), Big Shuffle - Princess Cheri (Mondrian). Foal, filly by Rajsaman. Yearling, filly by Rajsaman.

Soon Flight (2010), Califet - Moon Flight (Saint Preuil). Foal, filly by Ballingarry. Yearling, colt by Scalo.

Sugar Baby Love (2004), Second Empire - Salzgitter (Salse). A foal filly (Sugar Peanut) by Areion. In foal to Dream Ahead in 2018.

Virgata (2001), Turgeon - Vinca (King of Macedon). A foal, colt by Brave Mansonnien. A yearling, colt by No Risk At All. In foal to Brave Mansonnien in 2018.



Race record - Facilities & Fees - Haras des Marais


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