His story with Prix d'Amérique.


VARENNE, master of the Prix d'Amérique 2001.
Picture APRH


In 2001

An excellent start gave him the opportunity to control the race. Noone dared to attack him and he won brilliantly, keeping in respect Fan Idole and Général du Pommeau.

Varenne - 37 wins, placed 8 times in 47 races (january 28). Won more than 16 000 000 FF.

Varenne, then, won the Grand Prix de la Loterie at Napoli, before dominating Victory Tilly, BWT Magic and Solar Effe (2nd) in the Elitlopp.


In 2000

First de Retz's infernal leading rythm, warmed up after his great win in Prix de Cornulier (Gr.1) and Varenne's agressive attack uphill have made the ideal scenario, giving birth to a mythical Prix d'Amérique 2000. So beautiful, so fast... almost irrational.

1' 12" 6, course and world records blown away. Général du Pommeau! The four criterium "little big horse" has won with an exceptional style!

And Varenne will stay as his most brilliant opposant! Even, if he was beaten at the end by Galopin du Ravary.


VARENNE, in training, just before Prix d'Amérique.
Photo Gérard Forni.



Varenne - 22 wins, placed 4 times in 27 races (30 janvier 2000).

1' 13" 1 in Prix d'Amérique 2000.
NO doubt! A true italian star.

Then, wins in the Trot World Cup and in october, in the Grand Prix du Jubilé at Roma in front of Remington Crown, Igor Brick, Tome de Sousa, First de Retz, Giant Cat, Général du Pommeau and Fan Idole, disqualified.



The horse that Italy has been waiting for a long time.
Photo Gérard Forni.


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